IVF treatment-: What are different factors that affect the cost of IVF procedure?

Factors that play an important role in IVF cost

IVF treatment is generally designed for couples who are infertile which means they are unable to conceive a child. This treatment has four stages or steps such as Ovulation, Egg retrieval, fertilization, and embryo transfer or implantation. This treatment has little expensive as compared to other fertility treatments. There are some factors that affect the cost of IVF treatment.

Factors that play an important role in IVF cost

Physical examination

Firstly people converse with the doctor and share their problem. According to the reason behind this condition, your doctor will suggest you some types of lab tests such as ultrasound and poor quality checker. These types of test are too expensive because these are performed carefully and great idea to known the reason behind infertility condition.

Egg retrieval

Egg retrieval is the second step of IVF in India which is a totally careful process. In this process, your surgeon collects eggs from a female partner which charges little high because this is performed under trained supervision.

Fertilization cost

Fertilization is the foremost and imperative step of fertilization. In this step, your surgeon collects sperm and then wash it for better results. After this, he will combine the eggs and sperm which is known as fertilization. This process is done with the help of incubator or rotator in order to mix the eggs and sperm.